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Our shared values and strong culture make IKEA unique. · Togetherness. Togetherness is at the heart of the IKEA culture. · Renew and improve. We are constantly …

IKEA culture and values

Our shared values – IKEA Jobs

IKEA – Our shared values

Our shared values and strong culture make IKEA unique, both as a place to work and as a brand. It’s because we all share the same values that we can keepthe IKEA culture a strong and living reality.

Culture & Values – IKEA

Culture & Values

Who we are – IKEA

Our work at IKEA is based on a spirit of togetherness and enthusiasm – come and see for yourself! Learn more about the IKEA key values and work areas, including production, project management, purchasing, diversity and inclusion, sourcing, quality control and more.

The IKEA vision, values and business idea

The IKEA vision, values and business idea – IKEA

What makes IKEA unique? To start with, a vision that inspires us and set of values that drive us. Learn about our vision, values and business idea here.

Vision, culture and values – IKEA

Would you like to work for IKEA or to recommend a vacancy to your friends? Visit our CAREER section where you can find all available vacancies.

Values – IKEA Foundation

Culture & values – IKEA Indonesia

Culture & values

How IKEA realizes its vision is based on shared humanistic values. These values ​​guide us at work and build our culture .

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